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srrtac-l - SRRT Member Forum

Subject: SRRT Member Forum

Description: Dear SRRT Member,

Welcome to SRRTAC-L from the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American
Library Association. SRRT is one of the largest round tables within ALA and is very
active on a number of fronts.

This electronic list is intended to be used for posting and discussion by all SRRT
members who are interested in participating in SRRT discussions and activities.

SRRT and its task forces always welcome new people and need help. If you attend
ALA conferences, be sure to attend SRRT meetings and consider becoming active in
the group. We also need people to run for election to SRRT’s governing body, the
Action Council. There are plenty of other opportunities to become active in your
professional association.

Thank you and we look forward to your contributions.

-SRRT Membership Committee

To learn more about SRRT, visit

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