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rss-eforum - RSS Management of Reference E-Forum

Subject: RSS Management of Reference E-Forum

Description: RSS Management of Reference E-Forum is a discussion forum for RSS/RUSA members and non-members on issues
that are of concern in the areas of interest for the management of reference services. The forum is intended
for a moderated discussion of timely issues for a select period of time. Issues will rotate on a regular basis.

These discussions are free of charge and available to anyone who wishes to
subscribe to the list.

To Subscribe:
1. Click on the "first login?" link near the login area on the e-Forum web site.
3. Enter the email address where you'd like to receive the e-Forum messages.
4. Look for an email message to arrive containing your password.
5. Enter your email and password in the login area on the e-Forum web site
You are now subscribed.

Change Your Preferences:
To create your own password, click on "Your Preferences." and create a
new password and make a note of it.

You can come back to anytime to manage your subscription:
- change your email address for any reason
- cancel/unsubscribe after the e-forum or at any time
- access the list archive to review a discussion
- choose to receive the messages in digest format instead of one email at a time.

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