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ili-l - ILI-L Discussion List

Subject: ILI-L Discussion List

Description: ILI-L Discussion List

Welcome to ILI-L, the Information Literacy Instruction Discussion List!

LIST HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION: ILI-L was created in May 2002 as a new iteration
of the online community that Martin Raish created with the BI-L discussion list in
1990. ILI-L is hosted on the American Library Association server, sponsored by the
Instruction Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries, and
moderated by the ILI-L List Administrator. With ILI-L, the Instruction Section
hopes to sustain the thriving exchange on instruction and information literacy
that made BI-L such an important venue for communication among librarians from
a variety of settings and backgrounds.

Effective August 8, 2016, please include a tag in the subject line of your message. We have implemented tagging so that our list members can quickly choose which messages to read. See the list of approved tags and their definitions below. Only messages with an approved tag will be posted to the list.

EXAMPLE SUBJECT LINE: JOBOP: Instruction and Outreach Librarian, IL"

Use the following tags followed by your description as in the example above:
- CALL (Call for presenters and authors)
- DESIGN (practical application of teaching information literacy)
- SoTL (Scholarship of teaching and learning)
- DISTANCE (this could cover some of the embedded stuff, too; as well as the chat/VR content)
- EDUC (workshops, webinars, conferences, etc.)
- JOBOP (Job opportunities)
- MISC (miscellanous.)
- RESOURCES (books, journals, databases, videos, etc.)
- S/F (Standards/Framework (ACRL standards and/or framework)
- SUMMARY (summary of posts to the list)
- ADMIN (used by the list admin)

TO POST TO ILI-L without a subscription, please visit our web form at
Posts are subject to moderator approval.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Your list administrator is Cynthia Keller and be contacted at
Due to ALA's tax exemption as a 501 (c ) 3, ALA resources cannot be used to
support or oppose any candidate for public office. Nor can they be used to link to
other sites that contain such support or opposition. Neither can ALA's resources
be used to suggest or support boycotts or to make defamatory remarks.

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