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ifforum - Intellectual Freedom Forum

Subject: Intellectual Freedom Forum

Intellectual Freedom Forum IFFORUM is an unmoderated discussion list sponsored by the Office for Intellectual Freedom. It was established so that subscribers could freely--and without a moderator deciding which posts are acceptable--discuss intellectual freedom issues and post news items, particularly, but not solely, relating to intellectual freedom. Anyone may subscribe, and only subscribers may post to this list. From time to time, posts appear that some subscribers may think disrupt, rather than contribute to, the ongoing discussions of current intellectual freedom topics and may, in fact, have little relationship to any intellectual freedom topic. Since IFFORUM will remain unmoderated, the most effective ways to deal with unwanted posts are: (1) write a rule into your mail program to send these posts to trash; (2) delete after or without reading them; but (3) by all means, do not respond to them! If others do respond, delete their posts, too, and try to steer the conversation to an intellectual freedom topic. Dealing with unwanted posts is a small price to pay to keep IFFORUM free and unmoderated. IFFORUM is an unmoderated forum for the discussion of intellectual freedom issues. For assistance with intellectual freedom issues, please visit or contact the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom at
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