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gsafd - GSAFD

Subject: GSAFD

Description: GSAFD is a discussion list for those interested in providing
subject access to individual works of fiction in library
databases and catalogs. Discussion focuses on theoretical
and practical problems in assigning topical, character, setting
and genre headings to individual works of fiction, etc. The list
will also serve as a means of communication for members of the
OCLC/LC Fiction Project and those engaged in revising the
Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction,
Drama, Etc._ (Chicago : American Library Association, 1990
(ISBN 0-8389-3386-6)). The list is named for the USMARC
code "gsafd" used in the 655 second indicator 7, subfield 2 to
identify the above document as the source of the genre term
in that field.

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