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glbtrt-reviewers - GLBTRT Reviewers list

Subject: GLBTRT Reviewers list

This email list is for contributors to GLBT Reviews and the members of the GLBTRT Reviews Committee.

GLBT Reviews is the book and media reviews outlet of the GLBT Round Table of the American Library Association. Two groups make GLBT Reviews possible: the reviewers and the reviews committee. Reviewers read books and write reviews. Committee members contribute reviews as well as attend to other administrative work.

Committee service is not required to write reviews. To volunteer to write reviews, contact the editor listed on the reviews roster page:

The reviewers' roster is maintained on the GLBT Reviews site:

To learn more about the GLBTRT Reviews Committee, visit their home page:

Visit the Get Involved page to learn more about how to engage with the round table.

GLBT Round Table resources to know about and share:

Contact the email list owners for help. Click the "Contact Owners" link to the left of this message to get their email address. The message will go to the Owners listed to the left of this message.

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