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glbtrt-news - GLBTRT News Committee

Subject: GLBTRT News Committee

The GLBTRT News Committee Email List is used for committee members to conduct business. The list is closed. The list is preserved in an archive that current and future committee members and email list administrators have access to.

The GLBTRT News Committee maintains GLBT News, the GLBTRT news blog. Committee members write articles about the round table, ALA, and other news of interest to round table members.

To find out more about the committee visit:

Visit the Get Involved page to learn more about how to engage with the round table.

GLBT Round Table resources to know about and share:

Contact the email list owners for help. Click the "Contact Owners" link to the left of this message to get their email address. The message will go to the Owners listed to the left of this message.

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