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colldv - colldv

Subject: colldv

Description: The Colldv list is run by the ALCTS Collection Management Section, and is a discussion forum for ALCTS members and non-members on issues that are of concern in collection management.

Colldv web site:

To Subscribe:
1. Click on the "first login?" link near the login area on the list web site.
3. Enter the email address where you'd like to receive the list messages.
4. Look for an email message to arrive containing your password.
5. Enter your email and password in the login area on the list web site
You are now subscribed.

Change Your Preferences:
To create your own password, click on "Your Preferences." and create a
new password and make a note of it.

You can come back to anytime to manage your subscription:
- change your email address for any reason
- cancel/unsubscribe at any time
- access the list archive to review a discussion
- choose to receive the messages in digest format instead of one email at a time.

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